Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday was Hutson's 12th birthday, and we went to an aquarium, Beijing Blue Zoo.  Hutson really enjoyed seeing all of the sea creatures!  We also went to Carrefour (French Wal-Mart) and I let him pick out a couple of toys.  He got a cool RC car that lights up, "dances," and plays music and a rather large gun (his Dad thinks he'll be a hunter!).  After that, we went to a 6-story bookstore where our guide helped Hutson choose a translator.  It has come in handy several times!  As a matter of fact, yesterday, he used the translator to ask me if he could use the phone to call his schoolmate!  He happily called his friend.  We will help him keep in touch with those he loves and leaves behind.  Happy Birthday, Son!!  I'm so glad I got to spend your birthday with you.

On Wednesday, we went to the Beijing Zoo where we got to see some pandas in action.  I, with the help of our guide, also finally convinced Hutson to change his clothes.  He's a future OKC Thunder fan and doesn't even know it yet!  We spent several hours in the afternoon completing paper work.  We will go apply for his passport today; then, it's off to the Bird's Nest and Water Cube.

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