Sunday, May 2, 2010

Collect for the Fourth Sunday After Easter

"O God, Who makest the faithful to be of one mind and will; grant to Thy people the grace to love what Thou dost command and to desire what Thou dost promise, that amid the changes of the world, our hearts may there be fixed where true joys are to be found. Through our Lord."

"Deus, qui fidélium mentes unius éfficis voluntátis: da pópulis tuis id amáre quod prǽcipis, id desideráre quod promittis: ut inter mundánas verietáes ibi nostra fixa sint corda, ubi vera sunt gáudia. Per Dóminum nostrum."

Word has it that our Archbishop will soon retire. 

Please pray with us:

"Heavenly Father, we beseech You to send a strong, conservative, truly Catholic man to lead this Archdiocese.  Amen." 

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