Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mui - Sister and Friend

In late 2008, just before going to China to get Clare, Amy Eldridge (Love Without Boundaries), gave us the name of a precious lady in China who would take us to Clare's orphanage and show us around.  We had no idea at that time what an angel Mui would turn out to be.  She swept us into her arms and became our instant friend and Brycie's sister.  She introduced us to her darling little daughter, Portia, who adores Auntie Brycie.  We continued to stay in touch with Mui after we came home with Clare, just because we love her.  Then, this past May, when Brycie went to China to get Hutson, she and Hutson made a special trip to Shantou to see Mui and Portia.  They wound up spending the night in Mui's home, and got to meet her parents and brother.  Now, thanks to Skype, we are able to talk to Mui (and see her) as often as we like, which is quite regularly.  Here are some photos of us talking to Mui on Skype.  We love you, Mui and Portia.

You can just see the love in her eyes . . .

. . . and in her wonderful smile

A precious lady.

We love you.