Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank You, Jesus - Hutson Is Coming Home!!!

We finally have travel dates for Brycie to go to China to bring Hutson home!  Brycie will fly to Beijing on May 14 and arrive May 15.  May 16 is "gotcha day"!  May 18 is Hutson's 12th birthday.  We're so glad that he will celebrate his birthday as a member of our F~A~M~I~L~Y!!!  We've begged and pleaded; we've groveled and whined, but when your child is in Beijing, the adoption trip is a 3-week ordeal.  Brycie will be traveling alone as Clare is still in school and Jim can't be away from his office for three weeks.  She is also the only one with Great Wall China Adoption who is adopting a child from Beijing at this time.  Brycie and Hutson will fly to Guangzhou on May 28.  They will take a train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong on June 4 and fly out June 5.  Whew!!  Thankfully, Jim and Clare (and hopefully others) will be waiting at the airport when they arrive home!

In a few short weeks we can post new pictures.  The ones we have are over a year old!

Brycie will try to blog in China.  If she can't, she plans to email Jim so that he can post.

Please keep praying for us!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday to Hutson's Godmother, Sue!!!

Last week we celebrated Sue's 50th Birthday at the home of Rick and Kelly.  What fun we had!!  We are very blessed because Sue and her husband Bill have accepted our request to be Hutson's Godparents.  Hutson doesn't know it yet, but he's one blessed young man to have such wonderful Godparents.  Thank you Sue and Bill!!

Jim is doing what he does best - inspecting the wine bottle!!

Sue, Brycie & Teresa  (P.S. Brycie IS standing up!)

Yummy wine!!  If you're 21 or over, you should try it!!!

Precious Sue

The delicious dinner

Bill waxing eloquent - as usual!!



Bill, Teresa and Rick

50?!?!  Yikes!!!

She's got so much hot air - you'd think she was a lawyer!!!

Birthday girl

Don't hate us, Sue.  And children, don't try this at home.

Charlie, Sue & Jim