Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Beihai Park

On Sunday, we went to Beihai Park.  We enjoyed watching people dance, do morning exercises and write Chinese characters on the cement with water.  Hutson enjoyed the paddle boat most of all!  Michelle then took us to a traditional Beijing restaurant where I tried a special Beijing dish - handmade noodles, veggies, and a salty sauce.  I tried it, but I liked Hutson's fried noodles better, so I finished what he didn't!

Michelle said that this person is writing in the old Chinese style so that most Chinese cannot read it.

A woman uses a ribbon during her morning exercises

He's so handsome - if I don't say so myself!!

Another ribbon twirler

I love her expression in this and the next photo.  She is really enjoying her dance.

Beautiful flower in Beihai Park - Hutson said it was too girly for him to have his picture taken with the flowers!  That boy's got a lot to learn!!

Woman playing a classic Chinese instrument

Michelle & Hutson

Michelle helped him paddle a little, but Hutson did most of the work, and he LOVED it!!  I'm going to try to post a video in the next post.

This man decided to nap while his son drove the boat!

Boy practicing Chinese Kung Fu

Little girl practicing Chinese Kung Fu

Chinese Kung Fu teacher

Veggies for the special Beijing dish

Sauce, veggies and noodles

It gets a thumbs up from our driver.

Mine all mixed together

Hutson would rather play than pay attention to the sites.  Here, I was glad because we were visiting a Buddhist temple.  Being in the presence of the worship of false gods makes me very uncomfortable and sad.  I will post no pictures of the Buddhist temple.  We are supposed to visit another one in Guangzhou.  Jim, Clare & I went on our last trip.  I think we'll skip it this time.  Praying for the conversion of souls in China.  Also praying that Hutson will be open to learning about the Church and God.  Jesus, we trust in You!!

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