Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe & Ritan Park

On Friday evening, Hutson and I ventured to the Hard Rock Cafe in Beijing.  Mom needed a little "comfort food."  Saturday was a free day because our guide had to take a family, who was adopting from another province, on a one-day tour.  We  took a taxi to Ritan Park.  I bought Hutson a basketball in hopes that he could play with it in the park, but they would not allow him to bring it in.  We could've played badminton or ping pong, but Hutson doesn't seem to like those sports.  We'll see if we get home with the basketball!

Hard Rock Beijing - the one in Barcelona is still  my favorite!

Lake at Ritan Park

People doing morning exercises in the park

Children's area

Hutson wanted to shoot the balloons to get a toy.

An exercise using two paddles and a ball - they make certain motions and try not to drop the ball.

Exercise area - maybe we need these in the US!

Little girl being artistic

Hutson wanted to shoot the balloons one more time!

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