Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16, 2010 Hailstorm in Oklahoma City

Wow! We had a real "slobber-knocker" this evening as a severe hailstorm passed over Oklahoma City. Lots of damage all over town. We will likely need a new roof, and for sure a new skylight. The hail even knocked paint off the garage door. Jim's pickup was outside, but you can't hurt it. It has so much hail damage from when Jim was a storm chaser out in the Oklahoma Panhandle that it looks like a golf ball. Speaking of golf balls, here are some photos of golf-ball-size hail that hit our home this evening. Our friends across the street lost several windows and a hail stone went right through the rag top on their convertible.

Here is what our skylight now looks like.

Hail covering our backyard.

Hail starting to cover the front yard.

See the splash in the street where the hail stone hit.

Some of the larger stones.  That is Clare's hand at the top of the picture.

The various sizes of hailstones.

Clare holding three of the bigger stones.

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