Monday, May 16, 2011

Shantou Evening of May 12 and May 13

After our visit to the orphanage, Li Ying was able to come spend the evening and night with us.  Here are some pictures from our evening.

Li Ying put a ponytail in Gianna's hair.
Dinner by Mui
Li Ying wearing her necklace from our family.  We hope she thinks of us each time she wears it.  She is such a special lady.  She grew up at the orphanage and now works as a teacher there.  She is amazing, and Gianna loves her so much!!
Li Ying reads a beautiful letter from Amy Eldridge, Executive Director of Love Without Boundaries
Yellow Tail Shiraz - Yum!!

May 13 was another busy day!  We went to lunch with Mui's friend, Sue, who is trained to teach English and who went to school with Mui. Then, we went to visit the house where Mui's dad was born.  It has been in the family since the 1800s.  From there, we went to pick Portia up at her kindergarten.

Gianna enjoying her lunch
Sue and Mui
Mui fixing Kung Fu tea
Kung Fu tea is very special in Shantou.

Entrance to Mui's dad's family's house

Mui's grandparents

Mui in the room where her dad was born

Drawing water from the well

Got it!

The family house was built in the Beijing style

Gianna, Mui, and Mui's aunt who lives in the house

Mui's uncle who lives in the house and Mui

Gianna drinking Kung Fu tea

Somehow, this tells the date of the construction of the house - something about the dynasty

First peek of Portia at her kindergarten

Gianna was invited to the front of the class.  She even sang a song for the children.



Gianna being a guest student

Portia and Auntie Brycie

The class

"This is my bed!!"  Until September, Portia attends a boarding school.

"My drawer!!!"

Friends - so sweet!
Us with the director of the kindergarten

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  1. Brycie, This is so cool. I love these pictures. It looks like Gianna gets around so well. Does she have any trouble with movement or navigating the environment. Do you think she has some vision? She is just so beautiful to look at, especially her smile. And I love how long her hair is!