Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Photos from home while Brycie, Gianna, and Mui head for Shantou

Here is a brief interlude while Brycie, Gianna, and Auntie Mui travel from Guangzhou to Shantou.  The kids are excited to have Gianna home.  Immaculée and Gianna have had wonderful interaction on Skype (which, by the way, is a terrific thing).  Here are some photos of Clare and Immaculée coloring some pictures for Gianna.  You'll not see Hutson in these photos.  At the present time he is just a few days short of being a teenager, and is currently on "cool duty" until further notice.

Immaculée selecting her next crayon and Clare hard at work creating.

Notice Immaculée's tongue.  How many times have you seen little children color with their tongues stuck out.  Also notice she's a "lefty."  She is drawing a rainbow for Gianna.

 Finished product .  .  . a rainbow! (and a cheesy smile)

Remember the little clematis bloom we printed during the winter, and how brave it was?  Here is another bloom from the same plant now.  Love it!

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