Friday, May 13, 2011

Officially Ours, Medical Exam, and Made It to Shantou

Blogger has been down, so now I need to catch up.  On May 10, we went back to the Civil Affairs Office to sign the paperwork.  They needed to make sure we were happy with this child - ummm, YES!!!!  The notary asked some weird questions, e.g., "Why could your husband not come with you?"  Answer:  He is at home taking care of three children!  "Is your husband aware that you are adopting this child?"  What I wanted to say:  "No, I have been doing tons of paperwork in secret, including a home study, and have an approval from the US government with both our names on it and have been spending thousands of dollars and have left the country for two weeks and have a power of attorney signed by him, notarized, certified and authenticated, but he has NO IDEA that I will soon bring a visually impaired 8-year-old home!"  Sheesh!!  Anyway, I signed the paperwork, and she is officially our daughter!  Thank you, Jesus!!

On May 11, Gianna had her medical exam in the morning, then we applied for her passport in the afternoon, and finally, we were able to head to Shantou.  Our bus left at 5:30, and we arrived in Shantou about 11:30.  She and I will fly back to Guangzhou Sunday afternoon.

Brycie and Gianna with our wonderful guide, Kelly, whom we first met when we adopted Clare 2 1/2 years ago.  She was Brycie and Hutson's guide in Guangzhou last year.

Ms. Kwok helping Gianna with her hand print

The lady who did the first interview with us.  For reasons explained above, we didn't want a picture of the notary.  ; )
Mui and Gianna before the medical exam.

Mother and daughter.  I love this girl!!!
Getting her ears checked
Finally made it to Mui's apartment in Shantou
Cute Mickey Mouse slippers
Mui's mother is so precious!  She stayed up late to fix us supper.  Yum!!

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  1. I think you SHOULD have answered that way! :) Sheesh!!!

    Both posts completely reveal how FULL of joy she is! It is absolutely amazing and inspiring. I'm so happy for you guys!!!!