Monday, May 9, 2011

Introducing Gianna Francesca JiYing

Monday afternoon we headed to the Civil Affairs office at 2:00.  Gianna had not arrived.  They came in shortly, and Ms. Kwok told Mui that they must go to the waiting room and wait for the appropriate time to bring Gianna to me.  Mui is staying with me at the hotel for a few days, and then we will travel to Shantou for a few days.  Mui is wonderful!  She is helping the transition to go smoothly.  Gianna is thrilled to have a family.  Thank you, Jesus! 

First glimpse of Gianna as they whisk her away to the little waiting room. 
The first moments.  She is feeling mama's face.
Gianna is SO HAPPY.  She could not stop smiling and laughing.
(Jim adds, from home, it doesn't look like everyone is as happy as Gianna.  Look at the little girl in the background.)
Happy girl

Mama, Gianna, and Auntie Mui (Brycie's Chinese sister)

Ms. Kwok, Vice Section Chief of the Children's Department of the Shantou SWI, who escorted Gianna, Mama & Gianna
Ms. Kwok, Gianna, and Auntie Mui


  1. Hooray hooray hooray! Just the pictures I have been waiting for, and oh how wonderful to see the joy on Gianna's face! She has the mommy and daddy she has wanted for so long. Thank you Mui for being such an angel during this wait and taking such great care of this very special little girl. Many many prayers for you all, and wishing for you to continue having an incredible time in China.

  2. Brycie, I am so happy you and Gianna are together now. Thanks for the wonderful pictures you have posted. Love, Mom

  3. OH my goodness! I could explode with happiness! YOu and your joyful reunions! AMAZING!!! She is beautiful and I am filled with joy for you all!!!! Praise God for adoption and families!!!

  4. What beautiful first moments! I love the one of her holding your face. Gianna is lit up with pure joy. I can't wait to show Shanna.

    Love, Linda

  5. Dear Brycie,
    We are very touched by watching the foto's ! Congratulations, we are so happy that you are toghether now ! Gianna is beautiful ! We pray for you and your family, have a good time in China. Kind regards from the Stammen family in HOLLAND !