Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Two Days in Shantou - May 14 & 15

May 14, 2011

Traditional Shantou breakfast

Gianna enjoying her multi-grain porridge or congee


In addition to her job teaching English, Mui also tutors students in English on Saturdays.  Four of her students stopped by and had a great time with Gianna and Portia.

Mui, Marina, ?, Edna, ?, Gianna & Portia

Edna & Gianna

Li Ying and Brycie with the girls

Mui and Brycie with the girls

We saw two of the girls later on our way to the bookstore.  They were excited to see us again!!

Market close to Mui's apartment

Mui, Portia, Li Ying, and Gianna walking to the bookstore

This is the school where Mui teaches and where Li Ying used to attend.

Portia and Confucius

Gianna reading the numbers on her new clock.  She can do it!!  : )

Gianna and Portia with some pretty plants

Saturday afternoon we visited Li Ying's apartment.  She is such a wonderful hostess and keeps an immaculate apartment.  We are so proud for her!!

Li Ying unlocking her door

Living room

Looking from the living room into the kitchen and bathroom



Brycie and sweet Li Ying

Gianna - before she spilled tea on her dress!

Li Ying showing us her photo album.  She even had some pictures of Clare in there, and she gave me one!

Two sweeties!

Okay, so this one's a little ornery!  She put the creme from the middle of a cookie on her face.

Li Ying made tea.

Gianna in Li Ying's t-shirt - after she spilled tea on her dress!

Next, we went to the beach.  It was a little cool and windy, but we still had a great time!!

These people are digging for something to eat.  Ewww!!

May 15, 2011
Our plane left a 1:40 pm on Sunday, so we just hung out Sunday morning and went to the market to buy noodles, which Mui's mom used to prepare a meal for us.

Walking to the market

Fresh noodles!!

Mui's mom welcoming us for lunch.  She and Mui's dad love Gianna so much!!

Mui's precious dad

Mui's dad making  - what else? - tea!!!  ; )

Some of Mui's parents' friends.  They are "overseas Chinese" who live in Singapore.

Noodles - Yum!!!

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