Friday, May 13, 2011

Our AMAZING Visit to the Shantou Social Welfare Institute

On May 12, we had an amazing visit to the Shantou SWI where both Clare and Gianna spent part of their lives.  The staff, nannies, and directors love Gianna so much!!  I brought some pictures of Clare, and they were excited to hear about how Clare is doing and amazed at how much she has grown.  The family of one of Gianna's friends who was recently adopted and now lives in New York (Shanna) sent pictures and a letter to the staff.  The vice-director wrote a letter to Shanna and to Clare, and Mui translated them for me.  I am anxious to send the letter to Shanna's family.

Another one of Gianna's friends, Xiang, will soon come to America with her new family.  Xiang's family sent a t-shirt and a recordable with me to give to Xiang.  Xiang was thrilled!!

It was wonderful to see familiar faces from when we visited with Clare in 2008.  They are so thankful to families who give homes to their children.  What a blessing!!
Gianna with her auntie.  She was Clare's auntie as well.
Gianna and Mami, supervisor of the school in the SWI
Gianna gave her Auntie a sweet little Willow Tree figurine from Gianna and Clare

Gianna and a favorite Auntie

Sweet Xiang and precious Mui

This sweet little guy captured my heart.  He was so happy to receive the box of cookies from Gianna!
Xiang and Gianna perform for their class
I hear that this precious little guy's file is be prepared for international adoption.  Isn't he a cutie!?!?

Gianna is thrilled to see her favorite ge ge (big brother) from the SWI.

So sweet!
Gianna hugs one of the teachers after giving her a gift.
Gianna bows to Clare's former teacher before giving her a gift.
Gianna receives a giant hug from her teacher, Li Ying.
Mui calls this "Three Generations."  Mui taught Li Ying and the other teacher who, in turn, taught Gianna.
Gianna and her Chinese Mami
Xiang and Brycie
Section Chief of the Children's Department, Yang Qi, and Gianna
"Smiling Auntie" and Gianna
Mui reads Shanna's letter to Xiang.
Mui shows Shanna's pictures to Xiang.
Gianna with the Vice Director of the SWI, Ms. Yao
Gianna with an auntie from the office
Director Yao, Gianna, Xiang & Brycie
Xiang is so strong!!  : )
Director Yao, Gianna, & Xiang look at Clare's and Shanna's pictures.
Remember the happy little guy above?  I noticed that he was standing at the door crying.  I asked why.  I was told that he was sad  because Gianna now has a family but he does not.  Let me tell you, I just wanted to scoop him up and bring him home too!!  I'm praying for you, little guy!!
Ms. Kwok, Gianna, Xiang, & Brycie
Xiang is so proud to show the recordable book her parents sent her!
Just look at that happy face!  Her parents also sent a t-shirt with a family picture.
Director Yao and Ms. Kwok took us to the same restaurant where we went with Clare.  The food is interesting to say the least!!
Ms. Kwok, Mui, Director Yao, Gianna & Brycie - a perfect ending to a perfect day!

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  1. Hi BRycie,

    Just love, love, love the pictures!!! I met all the chilren on the pictures in november including your daughter (have some sweet pictures of her) O my what a change Xiang had, her hair is longer and she looks much more happy. The little guy was such a sweetheart, he was helping my son, he fed the babies and wanted to feed me too ;-)) Hope he will find a family.

    Enjoy your trip together.

    Netherlands (also at the Shantou group)