Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Funky Snack with Ela and Angelo

We've learned that Ela and Angelo will eat most anything.  Well, here's the latest .  .  .  cheese-flavored larva (the same critter you will find at the bottom of a bottle of Mescal).  The second picture gives you all the nutritional information, in case you're interested.  As Clare puts it, some of the stuff they eat is downright 'gusting.  All of us but two (and you know who you are) tried the Larvets. 
Wanna bite?

This is the important stuff for those watching their weight.

Oh yeah!

In the hand .  .  .

In the mouth .  .  .


Hutson's turn.

Guess who liked them?  Not much different than scorpions, which seem to be a Chinese delicacy.

The bravest one of all, Ela.

Ela and Katie washing down the bugs.

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