Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ela's Birthday - June 30, 2010

We all enjoyed Ela's Birthday Party with dinner at Johnny Carino's, then a trip out to Pop's on Route 66.  Pop's is a gas station and restaurant on Old Route 66 just east of Edmond, Oklahoma, near Arcadia.  It is designed with a 1950's look and features somewhere around 500 different kinds of soda pop.  You can still get Grape NeHi and Jolt (Jim's favorite).  Having Ela for a friend is just . . . FUN!

The big pop bottle.

Two sweeties - Ela and Brycie.

One sweetie, Ela.

Another sweetie being a goofball.

We can't call Hutson a sweetie, but the lad sure does like Coke.

Ela and her new camera.  She's getting a pretty good eye for a good image.

Miss Clare.  Oh, and gas is $2.69.

A little bit of Italy right here in the good old U. S. of A.

Get your "Very Berry" here.

Pretty ladies.

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  1. All kinds of good posts today!!! I've never seen that giant coke bottle! Shoot! I'll have to come back to OK and check it out. :) The kids look happy...really happy. That brings me such joy. MIss you guys.