Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our Apologies To Our Followers (Especially Lauren and Paige)

Hello again, dear friends and family.  Brycie and Hutson went into hibernation for about a week and a half after returning from China.  The 13 hour time difference took its toll.  Every night the first week back, Hutson would go into the den to watch TV after supper, and, within 5 to 10 minutes he was zonked!  Jim carried this big lug to bed every night the first week.  Needless to say, we've been derelict in keeping our bloggers updated.  We are almost caught up, so now it is time to get all of you caught up.  Expect more posts soon.  We were lovingly chided by our dear friends, Lauren and Paige, to get some new posts.  It is so sweet that we have such wonderful friends who truly are interested in our journey.  Thanks, Lauren and Paige.  We love you. 

Last Saturday, Hutson's godparents, Sue and Bill, had a 10th birthday party for their daughter, Claire.  Here are some pictures from Claire's party.

Sue is helping our Clare play a tune on Sue's gorgeous Baby Grand.

Hutson at the downtown YMCA at the swimming party for Claire.  He's smilin', but we're not sure he's liking it.  He has never been swimming, so, this was quite a shock. 

Miss Claire is now 10.  Happy birthday, sweetie.

Our Clare LOVES the water.  Here, however, she's just trying to look cute, and seems to be doing a pretty good job.  Proud parents, huh?

Miss Claire's birthday cake.  These are supposed to be flip-flops, but Bill and Jim thought they might be kidneys.

Back at Sue and Bill's home, the kids are enjoying the bubble wands.  Everything is completely new to Hutson.

Kinda like the "bubble machine" from the old Lawrence Welk show, for those of you over the age of 60, which would only include Bill and Jim.

Just blowin' bubbles.

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  1. WHOOP! A blog post AND a shout-out!! Now THAT's the way I like it! :) Oh it is SO AWESOME to see Clare and Hudson together!! It makes me wonder a series of questions: How is Hudson's English? Does Clare still speak Chinese? Can they communicate in both languages to each other? DOes Clare thing bringing Hudson home is normal or is she feeling any jealousy? Gosh- it's funny how with all your plans and hopes, I really thought about it more as parents and children- not siblings. The topic is making my head spin with questions! :) LOVE the pictures you've posted and those huge smiles I see. It seems everyone is adjusting well!

    WE love you guys!!