Friday, June 18, 2010

Badminton, Bubbles, and London Bridge

This evening we just enjoyed the nice weather and the fact that it was FRIDAY.  We played badminton; we blew bubbles; we played London Bridge; we sang songs from "The Sound of Music"; we watched a toad hop across the driveway; we scratched mosquito bites; and all in all had a wonderful evening.  We even watched the crotchety old man walk his dog.  Poor guy just doesn't ever seem to enjoy anything. 

Brycie and Ela whacking the shuttlecock.

Crotchety old man and his dog.

Clare trying to whack the shuttlecock.

Triple bubble.

Clare chillin'
London Bridge . . .

. . . Is Falling Down.

Nighttime bubbles.

Hutson showing his serve.

Hutson lunging for the birdie.

Just a pretty picture.

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