Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Poem from Mui

"To Jim & Brycie and family

Thank God!!!!

We've got the precious package on Christmas day

We are So glad that everyone is doing great

Meeting you is the best gift we have ever had

Brycie is a lovely mum and Jim makes a wonderful dad

We are missing you and our hearts are full of joy

When we celebrate the birth of a precious boy

We are brothers and we are sisters

Nothing can prevent us from loving each others

Words are too weak to explain what we are going say

When we got the precious package on Christmas day

Mui & Portia"

If you have been following our blog, you know Mui.  She is the precious lady who was our guide when we visited Clare's orphanage in November 2008.  Hutson and Brycie went to visit her when Brycie traveled to China in May 2010 to bring Hutson home.  She and her daugher Portia have become our family.  We sent Portia a Hallmark recordable book for Chirstmas, and Mui wrote this poem for us.

We love you Portia and Mui!!

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