Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hutson is now a soccer player.

Hutson has been so excited the past few weeks because he signed up to play soccer for Villa Teresa 4th Grade.  Last night was his first practice, and today was their first game.  Villa Teresa Catholic School 4th Graders played Rosary Catholic School 4th Graders.  The game ended in a tie (1 to 1).  Hutson told us he played some sort of unorganized kick ball in China.  He has no inkling what the rules are except to kick it "that-a-way" and don't let the other team kick it "this-a-way."  Actually, that seemed to be enough information for him.  He did a wonderful job, and, it appears that he is very athletic.  He is fast; he is quick; he has good savvy.  All he needs to do is watch his teammates and listen to his coach (which, of course, means understanding English).  Actually, he understands a lot of English and is learning more each day. 

Hutson - soccer player
 (By the way, he will get a smaller jersey before the next match)

Villa Teresa's school principal, Sister Veronica, is such a fan.

She thoroughly enjoyed the morning.

In fact, she was ready to play if the team ran short of players.

Watch out, girl, here comes Hutson.
(Or, maybe it should be - Watch out, Hutson, here comes girl)

Looks pretty skilled, huh?

Headed west.

End of the game.

Team photo.  Yay, Hutson; Yay, Villa Teresa.


  1. It was so fun to see those pictures of Hutson AND my old Rosary students!!!!!

    Go Hutson Go!

  2. So much fun! I'm sure he's an excellent soccer player :)