Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Immaculée!!!

Today is our precious little girl's 4th birthday.  We so wanted you to be home with us on this day so that we could all celebrate together!  Just know little darling that we love you and pray for you every day.  Please come home soon.  Love,  Mama & Daddy


  1. Such mixed emotions...I love the photo-shopped picture and am joyful for her birthday- but long for her to be in your arms and wrapped up in your love. I so wish you could celebrate together. Praying this process gets put on fast-forward for you guys.

  2. mysterious God works in our lives. We share a common homeland...our beloved Oklahoma...and we met in our common homeland...Rome. I feel a connection to you, dear sister, that cannot be described. Now, you are opening your home and your heart to such beautiful children from another "home" of mine...China and now Africa...which is currently in my heart. I felt compelled to send you a little something of support and congratulations, along with prayers always...
    You are a blessing in everyone's lives. I thank God I have the privilege to know you.